CCV Exchange 2016

What to expect?


Keynote speakers will change your way of looking at your business. Make your choice and learn from one of the CCV success stories.

Payment Solutions

Discover how new CCV products and solutions can make your business better. 


Meet industry colleagues and payment professionals to expand your network.

Drinks & Dinner

Enjoy refreshing cocktails, a wide range of beverages and a delicious dinner in a cosy setting. 




Dimitri Beck

The story of CCV

Ruud Veltenaar

Shift happens 2030: Trends with impact

The world is not in a financial or economic crisis so much as in the process of transformation into the next stage of our civilisation. This transition affects nearly everyone and has a great impact on our lives and work. Ruud Veltenaar offers us clarity about the future and concrete hope of a better world. Are you ready for the future and able to continue making a difference even in turbulent times?


Cis Scherpereel

10 must-do’s for e-commerce success

In his keynote speech, Cis Scherpereel walks you through 10 key strategic concepts that can make an on-line business a success story. The many examples cited by Cis will make everything clear and recognizable. It is an entertaining and inspiring session focussing on the foundations of on-line business.

Make your choice

Case 1

Enny van de Velden 

The urban shopping district of 2030: ‘experience city’ or rather ‘fun shopping at home’?

Shopping in 2030: what will the Belgian city centres look like in the future? What types of consumers will there be and what can you do now to prepare for these different types of shoppers? For what if consumers no longer want to go into the city to shop? A glimpse into the future of retail and the city centre in four scenarios.

Case 2

Nicolas Acou

CCV Shop user experiences

During this presentation Nicolas will introduce you to a start-up and a more experienced CCV Shop user. Together they will discuss the issues and pitfalls they encountered, the do’s and don’ts about stock, payment, SEO and SEA, transportation and more. They will talk about the platform and of course you will get the chance to ask the shop owners questions.

Case 3

John Kolthof

Connecting Markets
The world is rapidly changing where customer recognition and cooperation are key in developing a sustainable vision.
 The potential of customer recognition can only be fully realised if sectors join forces with each other to achieve a win-win situation. Shared loyalty programmes could for example be the next step in linking up markets. An integrated system would allow consumers to register on a website and receive discounts from all participating businesses and organisations when paying with the payment card or e-wallet, thus eliminating the need for separate loyalty cards or collecting stamps. An advantage for both the consumer, the participating businesses and the city centre or shopping area.

Case 4

Karel-Lodewyck Lefere

How CCV can improve your customer journey through co-creation
The strategy and innovation department of CCV (CCV Lab) is about improving the journey of your customer.
With three cases and testimonials from different industries we will show how our technology and creativity can support your business.
  • A retail group generates insight in the gift card purchasing and spending of its customers
  • A festival decides to ban cash and gets extreme results
  • A mid sized city decides to register >50.000 visitors to improve their experience.
In all cases CCV was involved as partner to co-create effective innovations, and we want to support your business too.

Food & Drinks

Drinks, walking dinner & open bar. 


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